Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Galveston Probation Violation Attorneys Andy Nolen and Associates Know the Law and Can Help You

Galveston Probation Violation Attorneys

Galveston Probation Violation Attorneys 

Going through a Motion to Revoke Probation or perhaps a Motion to Adjudicate Guilt is going to be a quite serious situation which requires a good Galveston County Probation Violation Attorney.


1. A Motion to Revoke Probation is what is filed when ever you are on straight or regular probation.

2. A Motion to Adjudicate Guilt is what is sent in when you are on Deferred Adjudication.

3. These reports are prepared by the probation office and signed by the judge. These kind of motions list the stipulations of your probation and the ways in which you violated them. Once finalized, a warrant issues for your arrest. You may well or may not have a bond set at this point in time. You may well have to first go thru the jail then appear in court to receive a bond.

4. The reason is for you to appear before the judge so that he or she can make a final decision to either, keep you on probation, alter your probation, or revoke your probation. If revoked, you are subject to being jailed.

5. Preferably, an settlement with the prosecutor, probation officer and or judge can be reached whereby you continue being on probation. Then again, the judge may make you an offer. In cases where you come to a decision that you do not like that offer, you can have a hearing and show facts, witnesses, and information to the judge. Take into account, your hearing is before the identical judge that made you an offer you didn't like. Simply because of that dynamic, you really should prepare evidence and witnesses that have not already been offered to the judge in the endeavor to alter the judges judgment.

6. When your case started out you had the right to a trial by jury who would have faced the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. Now, your hearing is before the judge only and the evidence standard is preponderance of evidence. Put simply, its considerably simpler to be revoked than it is to be found guilty at trial.

Galveston Probation Violation Attorneys Andy Nolen and Associates have practiced law in Galveston County and in other regions in Texas for 20 years. He has fought for more than 3000 clients and has had hundreds of cases dismissed. Galveston Probation Violation Attorneys Andy Nolen and Associates handle Motions to Revoke Probation on a regular basis and has successfully kept a great number of people from going to jail.Fighting with the court, preparing clients to testify in in the court, putting together evidence and fighting your case at a hearing are some of the techniques that Andy Nolen will help you. Galveston County Attorney Andy Nolen can access your case online and discuss your particular situation. Call now for a free of charge consultation at 832-480-8951.