Attorney Andy Nolen Reviews


"I hired Andy Nolen to represent me on a case involving an undercover police officer and a sting operation. Even though I was guilty and caught red handed, Andy Nolen was able to get me a 3 month deferred probation with no fine and no community service. I've actually bragged to my friends about the deal I got and no one has ever heard of anyone getting a 3 month probation. I told Mr. Nolen from the beginning I would take the jail time they were offering and hen insisted I wait until he had pursued all possible better options. I'm very happy I found him when I Googled Best Criminal Attorney, he was number 1 for good reason."


"I  hired Andy Nolen to represent me on a possession case. He actually came out to my house and met with my family and people involved in the case. One thing I really liked was that he actually printed out all my court records and handed them to me in a folder the first time we met. I felt involved in every step of the process. I would highly recommend Andy Nolen to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer."

"Andy Nolen was recommended to me by a friend. Mr. Nolen is very smart and full of energy. We talked about my case for at least 3 hours which i really appreciated. He worked really hard on my case and i would hire him again although i hope I never need to."

"Andy Nolen is an experienced criminal and juvenile defense attorney who defends adults and juveniles with a passion. Over the year he has touched and positively impacted the lives of my 2 children."

“Attorney Andy Nolen is outstanding and his knowledge of the law is impeccable. Not only is his practice a business but Mr. Nolen goes out of his way to edge off. His personality is great and he seems to have remarkable relations with other courtroom affiliates.  Thank you Mr. Nolen for all you’ve done for me and many others in this wonderful city of Houston.”

D.G. Houston

“Dear Andy,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work and diligent service to me as my attorney.  Your work against the cyberstalker was persistent; going beyond my expectation as you continued to vigilantly pursue my interests.  Frankly, you astounded me by your work ethic.
I have used attorneys in the past who seemed most attentive to their “billable hours” and when the retainer was used, they were impossible to reach.  For them, it was all about getting paid.  But you are a rare breed who ethically and vigilantly defends the interests of his client.  Thank you.
May many find you in their legal needs.”

“I am an Iraq Combat Marine Veteran who can identify an equal professional when i see one. and with Attorney Andy Nolen being one of the best ones out out there with him sharply above his peers. Mr. Nolen meets very high criteria of general ethical standards. One thing for sure is he will keep you laughing while keeping the best professional demeanor that gets the job done and have you walking away with your cases dismissed. I have hired Mr. Nolen for two of my cases and he has gotten one misdemeanor and two of my felony charges completely dismissed. I did not find him hard to get a hold of when i needed to call him. He stays well prepared and well organized for you, that will catch the prosecutors off guard; while, also providing you with step by step advice on instructions that will help you with your case. He just doesn’t treat you like you are just another client like some other lawyers do. He has a good understanding of those people just having a tough go at life. I rate Mr. Nolen a 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend him for your defense Attorney services.”