Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fort Bend County Texas Defense Lawyer Andy Nolen is on the Job for You

Fort Bend County Texas Defense Lawyer

 Fort Bend County Texas Defense Lawyer

A bird, whether it is tied down by a thread or a chain, still cannot fly. ~St. John of the Cross, Spanish mystic and monk, 16th century

Fort Bend County Texas Defense Lawyer Andy Nolen has over 20 years of criminal defense law working experience. Fort Bend County Criminal Lawyer Andy Nolen has successfully represented more than 3,000 individuals and had more than 400 cases dismissed.

Fort Bend County Texas Defense Lawyer Andy Nolen recognizes how heavy and problematic a criminal conviction can be in weighing down a person's capacity to become successful, to fly, indeed to soar in life. A felony conviction most definitely can, in effect, clip a person's wings so that their life will become an endless challenge to secure and keep a decent job, to pay the bills, to keep a roof over their head, to put food on the dining room table, to support their children. A whole lot like a scarlet letter of failure in the colonial days, the open record of a criminal conviction can have life long bad effects. Therefore, before pleading guilty to time served just to get the case over with, you need to think about the serious consequences. Have a discussion to an knowledgeable criminal defense trial lawyer about your alternatives before getting that conviction. In the event that you need criminal defense representation, you can call Fort Bend County Lawyer Andy Nolen right this moment at 832-480-8951.

Andy Nolen and Associates offer a full range of affordable legal services in criminal defense and juvenile defense law areas, ranging from representation in court on all juvenile and adult criminal cases, sealing or expunging records for qualified people, to obtaining occupational driver’s licenses. To schedule a free consultation or to discuss your situation with Fort Bend County Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen, call 832-480-8951 right now.